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I shalt eat fish and seafood at all times.

If I cannot find such items, or I am stuck in a landlocked state filled with beef and poultry, such as Nebraska or Iowa, I shalt resist temptation and order a salad instead.

I shalt shun false idols like imitation crabmeat, and I shalt always endeavor to spread Pescatarianism far and wide.

Spread The Gospel


1. What do Pescatarians believe?

Generally speaking, we believe in a diet that includes fish and shellfish, but no other meat.

2. Do I have to wear any special clothing     as a       Pescatarian?

Only a lobster bib. And even then, only on certain occasions.

3. As a Pescatarian, will I ever be required   to go      on a       mission?

Yes. We ask that you go on a mission at least once a month to find great seafood, preferably right here at Legal Sea Foods.

4. Does Pescatarianism involve tithing?

We do encourage tithing, or the practice of giving away a portion of your income. Specifically, we encourage you to give it away in exchange for seafood.



“Mad Monk”
Grigor Rasputin

Queen Sofia
of Spain


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